Target Groups and Professional Competence

My counseling is targeted especially towards professionals and university graduates with an international focus, as I have longstanding expertise in this environment.

  • International Leaders
    Focus on foreign and security policy, public policy, diplomacy, multilateral organizations and development assistance
  • University Graduates
    Especially with an international and interdisciplinary orientation
  • Universities
    In the context of Career Services and professional development programs in particular for English-language programs
  • Nonprofit
    Foundations and nonprofit associations, alumni organizations, professional networks, civil society and volunteer work
  • Professionals with International Experience
    Positioning and orientation of German nationals abroad and foreign nationals in Germany
  • Transatlantic Relations
    Exchange organizations, cultural policy, public diplomacy and transatlantic networks
  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs
    Foremost in the above mentioned professional fields
  • Women
    Career entry, reorientation, re-entry into the job market, 50plus

The structured methods and techniques that I apply for career counseling and coaching, however, are irrespective of the given occupational field or issue. Consequently they can be applied to all professional and life management issues.

Languages and Intercultural Competence

As a German-American, I was raised in a bilingual environment and therefore work in both English and German. Having developed intercultural sensitivity at early age and gained professional experience with many different nationalities I personally know what it is like to be 'foreign' in a place that is not one's home. As a result I have a strong appreciation of cultural differences which I also apply in my counseling.

"They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom."