About Me

Change has been a constant in my life. I was born and raised in the United States and moved frequently with my family. After my studies I changed career fields several times and that has made for a multifaceted CV. When I found myself in decisive periods of change, I also called upon the help of a professional coach. That is how I myself discovered what an important role a coach can play during a time of personal transition.

Professionally and personally, my curiosity for the individual is at the center of what I do, with the context as a secondary factor. That is why I build up networks, think in networks, work through networks and lead professional networks. My career experience as a generalist, my international scope and my life experience enable me to empathize with entirely different individuals and understand diverse cultures and career fields.

My approach is always pragmatic and oriented towards an achievable goal. Last but not least, through good times and bad, my sense of humor has never abandoned me.

J. von Saldern