I am an education expert from Peru with years of experience in the Andean region. When in Berlin I turned to Jacqueline for career counseling she immediately understood the challenge of being a mid-career consultant looking for high-quality project work with only basic German. Thanks to her broad network we identified Inwent as a perfect match for my profile. Without Jacqueline's guidance, I would most likely not have found my current employer, returned to Peru missing out on valuable international experience.

Carmen M. R., Consultant, Inwent - Capacity Building International, Berlin and Bonn

Jacqueline has been an indispensable resource and valuable mentor to me as I enter the job market. She helped me polish my CV so that it now glows and prepared me for a job interview by asking all the right questions. Most importantly, she encouraged me to think strategically about my strengths and goals and eventually decide on the right career.

Robert N., U.S. Foreign Service candidate, Berlin

Over time my job search became all encompassing. Having submitted numerous applications to no avail I felt pessimistic about getting a job lacking confidence in my professional experience. Within an hour of our first session Jacqueline was able to turn this around. I started to believe I could be successful in not only finding a job but getting one I really wanted. Furthermore, Jacqueline managed to de-mystify networking and give me the confidence I needed to go out and do it – a perfect strategy that ultimately led to a qualified job.

Shirley Bennett, UN Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Starting career counseling with Jacqueline was one of my smartest career moves yet. It got me thinking about where my profile fit into the market, encouraged me to culture new contacts and develop a forceful application package. When one late night I stumbled across a perfect online job advert with only an hour to go before deadline, I was well prepared to tweak my CV accordingly and compose a convincing letter of intent. A few weeks later I got the anticipated call – a native English speaker in Germany in the middle of the worst financial crisis in 60 years – I had found my dream job!

Shaughn McArthur, Junior Professional Officer, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, Bonn

Determinded to change my career path and in search for international job openings is when I met Jacqueline. She helped me identify competencies that were transferable and encouraged me to use my different background rather as a strength than a weakness. I managed a successful transition into a new field and even after I started my job Jacqueline supported me as a mentor to overcome first difficulties at work. Her advice has always been sensitive, prudent and experienced. Last but not least, she is a kind, sharp and calm person, therefore very pleasant to work with.

Verena Mauch, TB consultant, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation Den Haag, The Netherlands

Working with Jacqueline has been a decisive experience for me. She has a special gift to motivate and inspire confidence especially in desperate moments. Not only did she put me in contact with people in her network, but she encouraged me to make cold calls and unwaveringly pursue my job search. More than two years later, I'm still grateful to have her as a valuable contact.

John Holmes, Specialist - Project Development, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin

By breaking it down into manageable steps Jacqueline helped me make the process of finding a job less overwhelming. Regular meetings with her ensured that I stayed on track with my search and applications. Continually refining my cover letters, list of potential employers and interview skills during our sessions resulted in finding a job soon after graduation.

Melanie P., Hertie School of Governance, Public Policy Graduate, Berlin

"When the winds of change blow, some people build shelters and others build windmills."

Chinese Proverb