Core Elements

You and your individual needs will set the agenda of our counseling sessions. The following list of themes can be used as a basis for our discussions:

I. Point of Departure

  • Self-assessment: identify strengths, talents, transferable skills
  • Career goal: define occupational field and an individual job profile
  • CV: edit and align it effectively with your job profile
  • Strategy: gain access to the job market and identify relevant contacts and professional networks
  • Action plan: set priorities, specify agenda and timeline

II. Application Process

  • Research: assess various search options
  • Cover letter: determine key messages, learn to express yourself personally, authentically and focused
  • Mock interview: simulate job interview situations, prepare for an assessment center and consciously implement non-verbal communication
  • Self-marketing: present a convincing sales pitch, learn to act with self-confidence and ease
  • Networking: make use of informational interviews, expand professional networks, identify job-related events and career fairs

III. Personal Development

  • Reinforce leadership qualities, expand communications skills
  • Bring full potential to the job, perform proactively
  • Lead, encourage and challenge staff
  • Creatively design and manage change processes
  • Improve time- and self-management skills
  • Overcome conflicts, learn to deal with dilemmas constructively
  • Reduce stress, improve work-life balance
  • Develop intercultural competencies

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."