Coaching Motives and Issues

There are many reasons to call upon the help of a coach – they are varied and individual because they affect all aspects of our lives. In doing so, it is important to choose the right moment. On the one hand, if you arrive at a dead end you don't want to wait too long. However, on the other hand real and sustainable change can only be achieved with an open and determined attitude.

When is Coaching Useful?

  • In the context of a career change, especially in the case of reorientation
  • In order to develop leadership skills, for example in a new and challenging position
  • In conflict situations or communication blockages
  • Ahead of important decisions and in order to clarify an ambiguous situation
  • In phases of acute stress, burnout or boreout
  • If and when performance, motivation and vitality are missing

Coaching Issues

  • Reach goals successfully, develop a vision for your life
  • Strengthen your self-confidence, activate inner resources
  • Evaluate various aspects of life, improve work-life balance
  • Reduce stress, leave the past behind, develop creativity
  • Overcome disappointments and emerge as a stronger person
  • Identify values, change perspectives and habits
J. von Saldern