What Is Your Next Career Step?


You are a couple of years well into your career. Are you no longer satisfied with your work environment or the context of your job? Now you are looking for change, for a job with more scope for development? Maybe you want to pursue a more meaningful purpose in your professional life? How do you go about this? Would a career change be an option? Maybe you want to move into a new field? What would match your profile? How do you find the courage and motivation to tackle this now?

Re-entry into the Job Market

You have been abroad for a few years or treated yourself to a sabbatical? You took a break from your career to care for your family? How do you manage a successful re-entry into the job market? Would freelancing be an option? What are good arguments to convince an employer of the advantages of a sabbatical? What kind of training courses or further education should you consider?

Career Entry

Have you just graduated from university and are about to approach the job market? What are your core competencies, your talents, your personal interests? What is your career goal? Which occupational fields match your profile? Do the choices seem overwhelming? How do you research for job postings and discover the "hidden" job market? What are the most promising networking strategies? What are the key criteria for a convincing resume?

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."